CSR Activity During Diwali

Today Signatech team celebrated Diwali by donating clothes to Vela Karuni Illam residents, dressing up in traditional dhotis and sarees, and lighting fireworks to remind us of the meaning of Diwali – Light over Darkness and Victory over Defeat. Kudos to the CSR team for organizing the community outreach activity.

Celebrating Signatech’s 11th Anniversary

SignaTech celebrated its 11th birthday earlier this year. We are so happy to share the highlights of this special day! Thanks to Rev.Fr.Jegath Gaspar Raj, Gurusamy Sivaraman, Raja Venugopal, Arun Divakaran, Energile Mahendiran Periyasamy, Healer Viswanaath, Saravanan M.Sinapan, JMR, Ramchandran Mani, Justifus Asir B Positive, PK Poonguzhali Kailash for joining…

Environment Day Celebration

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Therefore it is our duty to help make it a healthier and greener place. This year we contributed by planting trees. Happy Earthday 🌎