Portfolio of my UI/UX Design for Website,
Web App, Application and Mobile App

Turning bright ideas into beautiful, useful, and delightful
digital products everyone can use

Athidi Mobile App

  • Athidi App is a great innovative idea to connect consumer to consumer, a mobile based C2C platform to facilitate buying selling home made food and enable community kitchen for volunteers cook and serve food for underprivileged people
  • When I heard this idea from the team, I was really excited, The main goal is to build a bridge between chefs and foodies.
  • We also have a recipe gallery, and a weekend kitchen a charity concept like Waste food donation.
  • Also, we have achieved the goal of creating a good user-friendly Layout for non-techie users.

Signa Insights – Web App

  • Signa Insights is our data analytics product that collects data from ERP , CRM and accounting software and deliver business insights and KPI through our web portal for small and large scale industries.
  • Designed the landing page, login portal UI and dashboard Web app UI for this product.

iPasar – Mobile App

iPasar is a Business that connecting Customers and Technicians through Mobile applications and Web Applications. I did Mobile application Wire frame and UI High Fidelity Design.

MAA – Tablet App

  • MAA – This Tablet application is developed for Nurses in the MRI scan lab to simplify the pre-scan form filling process.
  • We are also in the process of developing an app in where the patient can fill the form by themself to reduce the manpower needs in the Lab.

Middle West – Tablet App

  • This tablet application is under development, The core idea of this application is to reduce the paperwork and manual process of the manufacturing industry.
  • Now they are using the old traditional paper and seal punching method. Our goal is to reduce document trials and gather all the data in one Dashboard. So that the management can easily monitor and predict future inventory needs.

My Website UI Design URLs

  • www.cascadeergonomics.com This site is designed for an Ergonomics Consultant.
  • www.getbacktowellness.com This site is for promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle like yoga, ancient treatments.
  • www.pleasant-tourism.com A tour planner for tourist and business traveller to Dubai.
  • www.techtorch.org TechTorch.org is a Digital stage, platform to facilitate knowledge sharing between experts, business owners, industry, and technology leaders in the form of online conferences, panel discussions and interviews on different industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Technology and Leadership and personal development