Manufacturing Companies

SignaTech designs, develops and enhances software solutions for small to mid-sized manufacturers. We also provide Business Intelligence and Embedded & IoT solutions. SignaTech works with manufacturers to automate repetitive tasks and solve challenges with solutions that increase efficiencies in manufacturing operations.

  • Increase productivity of your business operations.
  • Digitally transform your business.
  • Empower decision-making with business analytics.
  • Improve business performance through custom development and business intelligence.

Services We Provide

Our service solutions are designed to consider and deliver tangible outputs in terms of business performance.

Business Intelligence

We extract insights from your data and empower decision-making with Business Analytics. Our analytics provide better insights to help you improve your business’s performance.

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Software Development

We design, develop and deliver secure web applications with cross browser compatibility and responsive design to help you increase productivity and digitally transform your business.

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Embedded & IoT Solutions

We create innovative digital solutions for embedded devices and Internet of Things that allow you to modernize your equipment and devices to meet your customers’ expectations.

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